Sonokinetic – Trailer Voice 2 The Scripts
Manufacturer: Sonokinetic / WAV / Quality: 24 bit Frequency 44.1 kHz Channels: Mono | 1.1 GB
Trailer Voice 2 – collection of professional-quality vocal samples provided for use in trailers. There are 3 male and 1 female voice,adapted to the themes: Journey, Heroic, Fantasy, Conflict.Sonokinetic proudly presents the amazing follow up to the original Trailer Voice. Trailer Voice 2 is a dedicated completely new collection of powerful, dramatic and authentic Voice-Over cues. Nowhere will you find a better selection of pre-recorded Movie Trailer style cues for your next project. Trailer Voice 2 was written by an award winning professional screenwriter and recorded by 4 amazingly talented, trained and highly experienced Voice-Over Artists. This is truly a one of a kind collection! This one of a kind project deepens and expands on the original collection of Trailer Voice with this totally new collection called “The Scripts”. Trailer Voice “The Scripts” will expand your cinematic experience or any project you are working on. This production covers four dramatic themes that will provide you spine chilling and produced generic recordings with a variety of emotion and feeling.

Trailer Voice 2 has been performed by 4 voices, 3 male Actors and 1 female Actress, with each voice performing 3 distinct variations per script. Their performances cover a pallet of styles and genres. Starting with the authoritative, booming sound of the male Actors to the mystical, sensual beauty of the angelic female voice. This collection is so intense in it’s thematically and vocal sound it will open a doors for you that would have never been possible without a “Hollywood” budget.
Want to blow your audience away? Make an everlasting impression on your clients? Sweep all your competitors of their feet? Or simply blow a hole in the theatres roof, then you have come to the right spot! Add “Trailer Voice2ã The Scripts” by Sonokinetic to your production and get ready for a spine chilling experience.

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Category #1 Journey
We will now take you on a magical quest, traveling through time and space, moving you in and out of history. These intense scripts and recordings are dedicated to the enchanting power of “the Journey”

Category #2 Heroic
Everyone needs a hero! The mythical strength of one person against overwhelming powers, struggling to overcome destiny and prevail by concurring evil and destroying the dark side.

Category #3 Fantasy
Can you imagine the power of the Gods. Travel to and from worlds of endless possibilities and enter the void where you can create new and amazing galaxies. Expand your creative minds and dive into the deep, dark vastness of the creative human mind

Category #4 Conflict
Imagine the ultimate concept of all stories. Myths, sagas, legends and ancient story telling all find their roots in the concept of the battles between good and evil. An epic collision between right and wrong, dark and light, the underworld and the heavens. Find yourself and struggle to decide which path to take or what side to choose. The fight goes on!


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