Gorilla Grain Super Pack (H.264) 35mm, 16mm, and Vintage Grain

The Gorilla Grain Super Pack includes 21 different REAL 35mm, 16mm, and Vintage film grains to achieve that precise look that you’re going for! You can purchase the Super Pack in either H.264 MOV’s, APPLE PRORES MOV’s or the FINAL CUT PRO X plugin to suit your needs.

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Key Features

  • Real film grain from real film
  • Compatible with any non-linear editor
  • 21 Film Grains to complement any scene / style
  • Vintage Grain!
  • Customize grain using “Brightness / Contrast” Filter
  • Stack various grains to give unique looks
  • Bonus 16MM camera sound included!

Real film grain from 35MM film
Gorilla Grain features real grain taken from 35MM film scans. Don’t mess with computer generated grain. Use the real thing!

Compatible with any non-linear editor
Gorilla Grain is available in H.264 MOV’s or Apple PRORES so you can use it in any NLE you want! To use simply place the grain over your footage in the timeline and change the transparency of the grain to “Overlay”.

21 Film Grains to complement any scene / style
Featuring 21 different grains, the Super Pack allows ultimate control and unique style. The 35mm and 16mm grain each come in 3 grain densities: Fine, Medium, and Course. Within each density includes Clean, Muddy (Hair, Dirt), and Dirty (Hair, Dirt, Flicker).

Vintage Grain
The awesome, sometimes scary thing about shooting film is that you don’t know for sure what you are going to get back after film processing / transfer. The Gorilla Grain Vintage grain is one of those rare film accidents that turned out awesome. I think the portion of film wasn’t prepped / cleaned properly, so you have crazy unique colors and wicked hair and flicker. In most cases this is not a desirable effect, but if you are into the vintage retro look, this is a very good thing! The vintage grain includes three 20 second clips. The first starts with a beautiful roll-in with a few flash frames, hair, dirt and flicker in-between. The second clip has the dirt and hair removed so you can use the grain on longer form productions to mix things up. The third clip is a square version that is exactly what the 16MM camera was seeing. Just slap some color on the grain and/or footage and you will have an incredible vintage look. I also recommend using my free 16MM film burns in conjunction with the vintage grain to get stellar results.

Customize grain using a contrast filter
Add a “Brightness / Contrast” filter to your grain and gain the ability to dial in the grain exactly as you want it. Upping the contrast intensifies the grain while lowering the contrast creates a more subtle grain look.

Stack various grains to create unique looks
Stack different grains on top of each other to create various looks. The options are limitless!

Bonus 16MM camera sound included!
This Super Pack also comes with an audio track from the Bolex 16MM camera that we filmed on!

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