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Newspaper v6.0 template is excellent for a news, newspaper, magazine, publishing or review site. It also supports videos from YouTube and features a rating system. So far, we have the theme integrated with bbPress Forum, BuddyPress, Buddy Press, and WooCommerce. It uses the best clean SEO practices, and on top of that, it’s fast, simple, and easy to use. In addition, Newspaper supports responsive Google Ads and AdSense.
[ Version 6.0 ]
UPDATE NOTICE: This is a major update of the theme. We recommend that you do a full backup before updating form the previous version. In the package we also ship the old version.
- new: tagDiv's WP Booster API System is the new amazing tool designed to let you customize your theme even more
- new: smart lists support was added. You have 5 built in smart lists to create multipages articles with style
- new: 12 different website headers were added. Each style comes with a logo spot which powers up your web identity, and a custom ad spot to maximize your income.
- new: 4 top bar templates (the black one) are now available. Now you can display the calendar date, an additional menu, the log in/register section and the social icons in 4 different ways.
- new: 21 fully styled content blocks were added to show regular article loops
- new: 8 posts grids (called big grids in our theme) are ready to use for highlighting the latest posts or featured ones
- new: 5 big grid styles, each with unique animation and feeling. All of the big grid styles work on each of the 8 post grids. This provides grate flexibility.
- new: 12 footer styles and a new footer info bar are now available. Customize the footer adding text, widgets or social icons and maximize your website’s impact on its audience.
- new: 16 modules that are used for displaying posts in loops.
- new: 5 new ad spots added to the theme to maximize your income. Each ad spot has one box where you can insert your ad code and the theme makes it responsive automatically.
- new: 11 post templates. We designed them paying attention to the smallest details. Now you can use a featured image or video, a custom WYSIWYG article editor and dozens of options to style your articles.
- new: thumb selection system. The new systems allows you to customize what thumbs are needed to be cut, this keeps the number of generated thumbs low and the site faster.
- new: completely rewritten slide block - We’ve rebuilt this tool that let you create the perfect page for your website.
- new: custom made parallax library. Made by us, it's optimized to perform way better than off the shelf / open source solutions.
- new: custom made lazy loading library. Coded from scratch, it's fast and works very well
- new: custom made animation stack library. This in house built library will bring a lot of cool stuff to the articles
- new: custom made events library - all the javascript events are handled by our code
- new: custom made pull down menu - when there is not enough space for the categories in the block, this library builts a dropdown and starts to move items there
- new: custom made smart sidebar. Again, we decided to build our own solution and integrate it with our existing code to achieve extraordinary performance and flexibility. The smart sidebar library supports multiple sidebars, menus, full ajax support in and out of the sidebar, viewport resizing and more..
- new: the 'Trending now' block allows you have a ticker on the top of the main content area of your website showing the latest posts.
- new: the translation panel was completely rebuilt and the theme comes already translated in a lot of languages. The user can also correct the translations and share them with other users of the theme.
- new: rgba color support for all the configurable colours (a lot more colours than in V4)
- new: top bar menus now support sub menus
- new: font awesome is now supported and styled to work in the main menu and in the top bar menu via a plugin (Font Awesome 4 Menus)
- new: setting to disable smooth scroll
- new: block settings added to theme panel
- new: 8 Category templates - the header of each category is fully customizable
- new: Each category can use another post grid if needed
- new: Each category can use another post grid style if needed
- new: optional category tag on almost all the modules
- new: the grid system was rebuilt and it's much more leaner
- new: .po/.mo translation support
- new: vectorial social icons
- new: welcome and support wp-admin panels
- new: plugin installer - with way better usability
- new: one click installer that actually works as expected - built from scratch, it's made to provide a starting point for your site.
- new: tinyMCE - two columns support
- new: tinyMCE - text highlighting support (with multiple colors)
- new: tinyMCE - text background color support
- new: system status page - the theme will atempt to self diagnosticate the most common problems that show up

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